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Fiction BOOKS

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Peter And The Timber Wolf

A contemporary telling of a great old tale because, we all still love to be scared!

"A Timber Wolf comes out from the trees, and the world all around seems to freeze. Above them flies Bertie - tweeting away ... en route. About to arrive. Who caught the wolf? WE caught the wolf! Yo Peter! Thumbs up! High Five!"

THE ROCK, the first in my brand new series SEARCHLIGHT

Twelve-year-old twins Zane and Finola, together with their mum, crash-land on Earth from the planet Sevent. The three are following Dad and are desperate for them all to be together again. The twins have to remain hidden to avoid suspicion as they wait for news, but when cryptic messages are received from Dad, they must break cover and venture out into the world to discover their meaning and have a chance of reuniting their family.

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Code Breaker

When Mr Clark, the Year 6 teacher, announces that this term every student will be writing a Daily Status report about their life and hobbies, Joe panics. What can he write about? His life is boring and he has zero hobbies. But Mr Clark sees to have the idea that Joe likes making and breaking codes. Result! Joe can run with that. Before he knows it, he's finding out about the Enigma machine, that was famously used by the British to crack German secret codes during WW2.The trouble is, it's still not enough to fill up a daily status for forty whole days, so pretty soon, Joe is making things up. The fantasy world that Joe creates in each Daily Status is followed by the hilarious and, at times, poignant truth of what is actually happening in his real life.

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Families in a Step-Chain

A series of  6 fast paced, page-turning books for boys and girls aged 9 - 13.


The books are very true to life. The main characters speak with honesty and trust in the reader when they tell their stories, even if it means they don't always come over in the best possible light. We're all vulnerable, aren't we, and it's when our vulnerabilities are exposed that life is hardest. It's this kind of gritty realism that pervades the Families series. But there is also plenty of humour in the books, and the endings are up-beat and thought provoking.

Billie and the Parent Plan

A warm and sparklingly funny new novel about family, friends and fitting in.


Follow the poignant story of Billie Stubbs, a sparky and unforgettable heroine who is struggling to come to terms with her mother’s remarriage and the sudden acquisition of a new family.

Comment from a reader:


Our school had a special book fair and your book, Billie and the Parent Plan was in it. I thought it looked pretty good and got it along with 2 other books. I was right because that was the best book I have EVER read!!! No really it was!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture Books
'Ballerina Dreams' and 'School Friends'

After many reprints both in the UK and abroad, these two series have reached their end but are still available in libraries and on Amazon. Scroll below for all twenty images of Ballerina Dreams and School Friends. However, great news…the whole Ballerina Dreams series has just been reprinted yet again in Japan (2020) Hooray!

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